Our Support Ethos

Our Support Ethos

Baca’s Support Ethos is based on the Every Child Matters criterion set in a framework of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  

Every Child Matters criterion was formulated by the government ensuring that every child has a chance at holistic support that keeps them safe, healthy, enjoying and achieving, having economic well being and making a positive contribution.  Baca wholeheartedly subscribes to the principles of Every Child Matters using it in our every day support. 

Baca maps this criterion on a pyramid framework that utilises the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  This pyramid suggests that young people have foundational needs when they first arrive.  As these needs are met, young people start to move up the support pyramid towards self-fulfilment; a future of hope.  It is essential that needs of health and safety are fulfilled first and foremost.

Therefore within the 5 Every Child Matter criteria below, Baca has developed different levels that take into account the unique needs of the young person as they enter Baca care.  We look to move young people up the support pyramid towards a time when they feel self-fulfilled and ready for their positive future. 

Be Healthy
Promoting the physical, mental, sexual and emotional health of children and young people focusing on healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Be Safe
Providing safe and secure living spaces that promote dignity, respect and learning.  We cultivate stability through developing trusting relationships that encourage positive behavioural changes.

Enjoy and Achieve
Believing in education and creating purpose for young people from the moment that enter our care.  We actively encourage personal and social development as well as investing in the enjoyment of creation.

Achieve Economic Well Being
Helping young people engage in further education through mentoring, work experience and shadowing.  We deliver workshops that are purposeful and designed to invest into their futures.

Make a Positive Contribution
Actively seeking opportunities for young people to engage in decision making and support their local communities building confidence in their strengths and passions and helping them engage with law abiding positive behaviours.