Semi-Independent Living

Baca provides move on options for young people who have been through the new arrivals accommodation or who come to us from foster care and are ready for more independent living that allow young people to train in how to sustain a tenancy.  We build on the life skills that have been learnt in the arrivals housing with the aim that the young person becomes more proficient and confident in living skills such as:

  • Everyday budgeting
  • Shopping, cooking and nutrition
  • Cleaning and maintaining a home
  • Paying bills
  • Staying safe at home
  • Managing behaviour and being part of a community
  • Positive healthy life styles
  • Accessing the help they might need e.g. medical, legal, educational

Baca is acutely aware that as a young person is going through this training programme and starts to adapt to living more independently, they are likely to also be going through a Home Office legal case.  Support through this time is fundamental as it can cause great strain and stress.  We help young people to learn how to adapt to difficult circumstances and manage stress.