Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

Baca provides a 24/7 365 days On Call Service where we can pick up any young person who is newly arrived into the country from a referral from a Social Worker or from the Emergency Duty Team (out of hours).

A trained member of the Baca management team will accompany the young person to a house designed specifically for new arrivals. 

Baca believes that the first few days of a young person’s life in the UK is formative and we therefore have put new arrivals systems and procedures in place to ensure that young people feel safe, can recover and get the immediate help they need.  

We navigate the difficulties with language through our New Arrivals Application which helps a young person orientate to their surroundings using their own languages. 

Baca provides a new arrival support package for the first six months to help young people to adapt to life in the UK by preparing them for their life ahead, teaching them essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning, safety awareness, budgeting etc as well as enrolling them on our in-house specially tailored ESOL course so they are able to communicate and fit into UK society easier. 

Our work has shown that these young people are more successful when they do move into semi-independent living.