Baca provides a portfolio of workshops that will help a young person prepare for their futures. 

These include:

* Investing into physical health in fun and engaging ways. 
* Learning about team work, leadership, game rules, skills and comradeship.

Therapeutic Arts and Photography
* Using art to develop interests and creativity.
* Learning how to express emotion where there is limited language options.

* Learning how to maintain a garden.
* Learning how to prepare the garden to grow plants, vegetables.

Rights and Entitlements
* Helping young people understands their rights as children.
* Developing young people’s understanding of how they can access help if they need it.

Bike Mechanics
* Helping young people to ‘make’ a bike learning how the different components work together, fixing a bike and keeping it roadworthy.
* Teaching young people the value of working to build something themselves and giving them a sense of achievement.

* Another form of expression that helps young people engage with their emotions.
* Developing physical health and wellbeing. 

Painting and Decorating
* Learn how to prepare to paint a room so that mess is minimal.
* Painting and decorating a room using skills, different tools and paints.

* Learning how to use a computer safely and responsibly.
* Improving skills on computer in line with English learning so that they have better opportunities available to them in the future. 

Each workshop has been designed to help young people to gain confidence in their unique passions and interest developing skills that could be utilised in the future regardless of what country they live in.