Baca’s Future Focused Programme

Baca’s Future Focused Programme has been designed to inspire each individual young people to aspire to and to achieve, wherever possible, their full potential, socially, academically and vocationally. 

Baca believes in the value of triple planning, helping a young person prepare for the future including a future back in their home country. 

Therefore, we work alongside the young person to help them engage with opportunities such as English learning, workshops, work experience and extracurricular activities that develop their skills and their passions, giving them the experience and training they need to move forward into their futures. 

"There is a clear need to provide workable and durable solutions for this group of children and young people (whether that involves long term stay in the UK or return to the country of origin) and Baca is a specialist in this particular area."

Simon Bentley
Assistant Director of the UKBA UASC Team