Recent Activities

There is always something going on at Baca whether that is English teaching, workshops, trips, award ceremonies to celebrate young people achievements and so on.  We consistently want young people to experience different opportunities, develop and cultivate a proactive approach to learning and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it!

Each activity we do enables the team to build trust with the young people helping us work with them in the development of their futures through life skill training.  We love to celebrate their achievements, tell them how proud we are of them and let them explore fully who they are.

Art Workshops

Arts Paper folding
Categories: Arts

Thanks to funding from Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, Baca have been able to run a series of art workshops.  These are providing a creative outlet for our young people to explore their ideas and express feelings.  During regular workshops they experiment with printmaking, painting, drawing, film making and various craft techniques.  The young people have grown in their ability to use new materials and enjoy the positive confidence gained through the experience.

Visit to Local Farm

Categories: Education Trips

A group of young people visited a local farm and helped with the feeding and care.  Many who had come from a farming background loved the experience and seeing how farming is done here in the UK.

Local Walks

Bradgate Park with the boys
Categories: Trips

Taking the young people out of Loughborough we get opportunities to spend time with them in an informal environment.  It was great to spend some time just playing and enjoying each other's company.

Camping in Wales

Wales Camping
Categories: Trips

We took a group of the young people away to Wales for a few days where they camped and joined in different activites.  They loved the open space and the chance just to get away.

Nottingham Team Building Day

Team Building
Categories: Sports Trips

Time for the young people to get to know each other better and test their skills.  Team building day for young people and staff included canoeing, climbing, bridge swinging and a number of team challenges.