Recent Activities

There is always something going on at Baca whether that is English teaching, workshops, trips, award ceremonies to celebrate young people achievements and so on.  We consistently want young people to experience different opportunities, develop and cultivate a proactive approach to learning and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it!

Each activity we do enables the team to build trust with the young people helping us work with them in the development of their futures through life skill training.  We love to celebrate their achievements, tell them how proud we are of them and let them explore fully who they are.

National Cross Country Championships

Cross Country
Categories: Sports

One of our young people competed in the National Cross Country Relay Championship at the weekend, representing Charnwood Athletics Club.  This was the first time she has run in a cross country event and did very well, despite being disappointed at not doing better.  She is looking forward to running in future races.  We are grateful for the support Charnwood Athletics have given her and other young people in our care a great deal of support.  Running is a great way for many of our young people to find release and freedom from their worries.

CSJ Awards

Bex CSJ Awards
Categories: Family Achievements

Baca received a CSJ Award for our work.  A team from the organisation, including staff and young people, travelled down to London to accept this award where we were commended by The Rt Honourable Theresa May.  It was a great evening and an honour to be recognised in this way. Read more.

Trip to the Seaside

Sutton on Sea
Categories: Trips

Baca took a group of the young people to the East coast to have a day by the sea.  We were lucky with the weather and had a great time playing and laughing together.  For many of the young people this was the first time they had been to a seaside and despite the coldness, they jumped into the sea and had a great time playing in the waves.  Following this we played volleyball, boule, football and cricket as well as just spending time sitting on the sand chatting.  As with all great English days out by the sea, we finished the day with fish and chips! 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Categories: Arts Culture Trips

On a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park our young people were inspired by an exhibition of sculptures by former refugee artist Ursula von Rydingsvard. They also enjoyed sketching and walking as they explored the beautiful landscape and sculptures around the park.

Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park
Categories: Trips

We often try to take the young people to the nearby park to give them the opportunity to get away from the town and have some fun.  If we are lucky the sun shines!

Creative & Performing Arts Workshops

Categories: Arts Education

Some young people from Baca attended The Curve Theatre in Leicester for Creative & Performing Arts workshops run by Citizen 598. The drama workshop on the day comprised of role playing, presenting an image and improvisation.  

Loughborough College Awards

Loughborough College Awards 2014
Categories: Education

The end of year awards at Loughborough College saw many of the young people supported by Baca receive certificates for attendance and attainment.

Bike Workshops

Bike Workshop
Categories: Sports

Through kind donations of bicycles we are able to run bike workshops where the young people learn about how to strip down and rebuild a bike.  They also learn about bike maintainance and road safety before being allowed to take the bikes and use for themselves.

Trip to the Arts Degree Show

Degree Show Trip
Categories: Arts Trips

We were able to take a small group of young people to see the local university arts degree show.  Here they got the oportunity to see the different art work exhibits from the graduating arts students. It was great to see the different styles and types of artwork, inspiring the young people with creative ideas for their own art workshops

Cycling at Rutland Water

Categories: Sports Trips

We had a fun day taking seven of the young people to Rutland water.  We rode tandem bikes with good cyclists sharing with the beginners.