Recent Activities

There is always something going on at Baca whether that is English teaching, workshops, trips, award ceremonies to celebrate young people achievements and so on.  We consistently want young people to experience different opportunities, develop and cultivate a proactive approach to learning and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it!

Each activity we do enables the team to build trust with the young people helping us work with them in the development of their futures through life skill training.  We love to celebrate their achievements, tell them how proud we are of them and let them explore fully who they are.

Finance Workshop

Finance Workshop
Categories: Education

Financial workshops led through by another local charity, PACE, helped our young people understand more about saving and how to avoid getting into debt.  They all really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

Pancake Day

Categories: Culture Family

Pancake day was a great opportunity to teach the young people more cooking skills as well as learn more about English Culture!

House Cooking

Categories: Family

Cooking together and sharing food help the young people learn about UK food and how to work and live together.  A group of our boys had a great time at one of the houses learning to cook a new dish.  They also enjoyed spending time together over the meal and learning more about each other.

London Trip

Categories: Culture Trips

We went on a day trip to London.  It was a great day walking around and seeing all of the sights.  Many of the young people had never been to London before and were excited to see and learn more about the big city.  We visited Buckingham Palace, Parliment and Trafalgar Square and then were able to go in the London Eye to see the sky line.  

Regent College Award

Regent Awards
Categories: Education Achievements

Last night we had the privilege of attending Regents College awards to support one of our former young people receive a 'Student of the Year Award'. This young person moved out from our support to their own flat in January this year. We continue to cheer him on and are proud of the success he is having.

Refugee Week Football Tournament

Football Team 2015
Categories: Sports Achievements

As part of Refugee week, Leicester City Council, in partnership with the Red Cross, host a football tournament for refugees and asylum seekers in the area. Baca has entered a team for the past 3/4 years but have found it really difficult as they are playing against men significantly older than them. This year however they did incredibly well and reached the semi final. They were also awarded the fair play award, with the organisers saying how impressed they were with the team work and positive attitude of all the boys. We are so proud of them!

Girls 18th Celebration

Girls 18th Celebration

A couple of our girls had 18th birthdays close together so we had a party to celebrate.  There was lots of food, dancing and laughter.  It is great to be able to share key life markers with these young women.

Activities at Beaumanor Hall

Categories: Sports Trips

Our young people had a great time this half term at Beaumanor Hall. They took part in a range of fun and challenging activities including archery, climbing and team challenges.


Categories: Sports Trips

As a Christmas treat we took the young people out for a meal at a local Kurdish restaurant and then went Bowling. 

Trip to the Pantomime

Panto 2014
Categories: Arts Culture Family

We decided to give the young people a full taste of English culture by taking them to the pantomime.  They all loved the experience and although sometimes during the show being slightly confused, they all joined in with the audience participation.  Thank you to The Nottingham Playhouse for the kind donation of the tickets.