Vision & Values


Baca’s vision is a world where forced migrants are welcomed, safe, and have hope to rebuild their lives for a better future. 


Baca supports young forced migrants who arrive as unaccompanied asylum seekers including those that have been trafficked, to rebuild their lives, integrate into a community and use their experience positively.

We achieve this by providing a safe and empowering environment and through the use of a holistic and personalised approach. 

Core Purpose

The advancement of education and the relief of poverty among forced migrants in the UK and abroad and the promotion of racial harmony, mutual respect and diversity.  To invest hope, either directly or indirectly, through our activities into the lives of those for whom we care, consequently seeing those same lives shaped and realising a better future.

Core Values

Baca is committed to six Core Values which seamlessly underpin its strategic vision, its relationship with stakeholders and its delivery of the 'Rebuild' service model.  Our core values permeate every aspect of the way we operate.


We treat all the young people we work with as an individuals, taking time to listen and understand their needs, accepting that everyone’s story is unique. We also recognise the specialist knowledge and skills of other professionals, welcoming their engagement with the young people we care for 

A holistic approach

Our support model starts with meeting immediate needs and progressing towards the development of relationships, community and belonging to enable personal growth and independence.  


We provide our young people with tools to help them make good life choices and opportunities for them to grow in character and purpose. We believe our clients, with their unique experiences and cultural heritages, have much to contribute to society in the UK. 


We seek feedback on our services from young people and funders aiming to be a solution provider, adapting and bringing in new ways of working to solve problems and unmet needs. 


We recognise the past but focus on the future; we believe our young people can achieve independence and success however difficult their circumstances have been. We are always optimistic yet realistic, standing alongside our young people in the challenges and anxieties they face. 

Partnership/ Collaboration

We believe more can be achieved by working together, we actively seek opportunities for Baca to add value to other organisations’/ agencies’ work and for partners who can add value to our work.